Scientific-enterprices company SOVBI is a quality oriented engineering, scientific, research, design and
production organization, which employs specialists of the highest qualification.
They have accumulated comprehensive experience through participation in both local and international
Company SOVBI is a leading organization in the field of non-destructive control and technical
The key activities of the company include:
• Nondestructive control and technical diagnostics of high, medium and low pressure gas lines, oil
pipelines, water pipelines, metal constructions and other welded joints;
• Design and construction of the automated gas filling stations and their supply networks;
• Design, production and implementation, servicing of automated gas distribution stations
(AGDS), regulators, filters and odorizers;
• Design and construction of the engineering systems and network of gas lines, oil pipelines and
water pipelines;
• Design, production, packaging and implementation of management information dispatcher
systems, automated systems of technological process management;
• Mathematical description of the management objects and development of models;
• Design and construction of household, civil and public buildings.
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