LTD Scientific-Enterprise Company ’’SOVBI’’

                    LTD  Scientific-Enterprise  Company ’’SOVBI’’ carries out control of welded seams of pipelines, metal structures, tanks by various physical methods: X-ray (RT), ultrasonic (US), visual (VT), magnetic particle (MP) and penetrating substances (PV), as well as pipelines. Leak test (LT).
                    LTD Sovbi  produces gas distribution stations, gas distribution points, gas distribution cabinets, odorizers, filters, flaw detection of welded ends of pipelines.
                    The Sovby company produces RDS pressure regulators of different diameters (50X100, 100X150, 150X200, 250X300)
                    - inlet pressure Pin=0.05÷5.5 MPa
                    - outlet pressure Pout= 0.03÷1.6 MPa
         Consumption: Qmin - 10 m³/h
                    Qmax - 195000 m³/h
                To perform the above work, there is:
   1. License to perform nuclear and radiation work No. 000080 issued on March 8, 2014 by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.
   2. Permit for activities related to hazardous production facilities No. 06/184, issued on June 18, 2007 (for life) by the State Inspectorate for Technical Supervision of the Civil Service of Georgia.
3. Standards of a business entity:
- at the gas distribution station: - social security number STP 20783990-001-2016
- on the pressure regulator: - STP 20783990-002-2016
4. Passport and technical description:
- on the pressure regulator.
- at the gas distribution station.
- on the gas distribution cabinet.